About the Retreat

“What lies before us, what lies behind us, is nothing compared to what lies within us “

                                                  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

What creates an extraordinary quality of life? If money and time was not an issue, what do you imagine yourself doing?

Spoiling you with a sensory feast, this retreat promises to deliver a once in a lifetime experience through an immersive and transformative 4 days away. The ENVISION retreat aims to close the gap between a life well lived to a life of fulfillment and joy. 

Picture yourself, wandering through the historical backdrop of Sainte-Colombe among the merlot vines, smelling the french lavender and sweet sun harvested grapes. As you stroll through the fields completely free of time and space drifting from vineyard to vineyard, meeting the friendly locals and warmed by the authenticity at the heart of this special part of the world.

Welcome to Envision, a world-class retreat like no other. Encapsulated with a raw authenticity brought to life by the beauty and vibrancy of Bordeaux to connect you with yourself again. Here we strip away the layers and let you get your feet on nurturing soil, providing an immersive and healing experience all grounded in science based clinical psychology principles. This is the space for you to have breakthroughs in every aspect of your life, to hone in on who you are as a person and what you want out of life. 
This special property has such an authenticity to it, a magic in the land you can only experience to understand which serves as the perfect partner to bring you back to who you need to be. We have combined this with a carefully curated program that will bring about the most impactful change for busy professionals. 

An intimate gathering of just 8 guests, specifically designed to give you an experience that no other retreat can. The process is based on principles of advanced Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches such as CBT, Schema Therapy and IPT by a qualified health professional that assures meaningful shifts in the areas of life you are wanting to work on. Participants gain insights and awareness through 1:1 sessions and group sessions. Group therapy is an opportunity for you to work on blind spots whilst in the safety of a supportive environment and of people who share similar problems and struggles. 

Popularized by Dr Irvin Yalom he refers to this as the principle of universality. When done correctly, group dynamics becomes part of the process of one’s growth and learning. This allows  for real-time feedback about interpersonal factors that create a unique perspective for an individual.

Additionally, the retreat also includes input from our medical practitioner who will be offering bespoke comprehensive health assessments with her focus on functional and preventative health care. DNA assessments are also available for those who want to complete analysis which include areas in biohacking and future medicine.

Chateau Picoron

Chateau Picoron was established in 1570 by the Picoron family and is a 5-hectare estate located on the limestone and clay ridge next to Saint-Emilion. Currently, it is owned and operated by an Australian family that rightly celebrate the estate’s history and put together the past and future of Australia and France. The production is very limited, and around 2000 wine cases are made annually for their family and friends.

Château Picoron celebrates Merlot’s past – with the very first Merlot plant laying its roots in Bordeaux soil – as well as its future; exploring six different expressions of this grape across their wine collection. Acting both as an ode to the potential of Merlot, as well as a remembrance of Bordeaux’s history.

The winemaker Stephane Apelbaum has a deep connection with nature and prefers to make wines with a sustainable approach, proper work in the vineyards, and minimal human intervention. Soon, the winery will be certified organic and is in the process of conversion now. The boutique winery can offer an authentic visit experience in an incredibly beautiful estate. Depending on the moment, they will offer you a tasting of wine before bottling (from barrels or vats) with their wine team.

Chateau Picoron dates back to Gallo Roman Times and is set in 4.5 hectares of merlot vines. This  was purchased by a prominent entrepreneur couple from Sydney in 2014. With a very Australian approach, they have turned a normally 'traditional' way of doing merlot into 5 different ways which has been embraced by bars and restaurants and the younger generation. Chateau Picoron has been featured in this month's Australian Financial Review (AFR) magazine in their innovation and sustainability issue.

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About Dr Aileen Alegado

I’m the director and primary clinician at Mindset Consulting Psychology, where I specialize working as a Schema, CBT and ACT therapist. I am a trained Neuropsychologist and have a strong interest in Interpersonal Neurobiology, Relational Neuroscience and Modern Attachment for adults. My experience as a clinical psychologist for over 15 years spans across Australia & New Zealand in the public health and private sectors. The diversity of work and projects I've been involved in included both clinical work in private practice but also to corporate markets ie. working in Employee Assistance Programmes, Executive coaching, facilitation of wellness seminars in the workplace. 

Launching the ENVISION retreats is one of my proudest achievements in my career to date. Not only do I get to do the things I love, which is helping people and seeing transformative change, I also love the experience of travel, getting outside in nature and the creativity it brings working outside of the confines of an office. It was designed to condense what would take 10-12 weeks of work in the therapy into days, all the while feeling like you are on a luxury holiday. The retreat provides you with the skills needed to tackle stressors of everyday life, as well as identifying blind spots that could be holding you back. In my work, I have great people doing amazing things but somehow struggle in areas or relationships, balance and burn out. People who seem to have ‘it all together’ but there is an internal conflict that keeps looping back in the background. 

“How much longer are you prepared to be ok with this?” is a question I often ask. The truth is – I was driven to become a psychologist because I used to be one of those high achievers that constantly struggled to find the balance between doing well in my career and being happy and healthy in my personal life. 

I’m passionate about helping people reach their potential and believe in everybody’s capacity for positive change. Most clients I work with started due to a triggering crisis but ended up working with me past their circumstances, and  have improved because they saw the value in understanding oneself.  People have more potential for growth and change beyond what we imagine. 

I love seeing my clients develop great insights and help them translate that into reality. Making big changes are definitely challenging but with the right guidance you will know which direction you’re heading in and breaking down the steps for you on how to get there. Don’t miss out on the shifts you could be having by taking the leap of doing something once in a lifetime. Taking action can be a long drawn out process, what if there was a way to make the process faster?  

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Additional Facilitator


Dr Olivia Lesslar is a medical practitioner who works with a range of high profile and celebrity clients, with a focus on preventative healthcare. She practices across a broad spectrum of medicine, with an interest in prevention, personalised medicine and bio-hacking for longevity.


Olivia is the Medical Director of LifeSpan Medicine Australia which she runs with Professor Charlie Teo. She is also one of the main functional medical consultants to the preeminent celebrity concierge company LifeSpan Medicine in the USA, Resident Medical Consultant at CFS Health, Medical Director of Scott Laidler Fitness and Healthy Ambition, functional medicine consultant to Queensland Allergy, Allergy Medical, and Cingulum Health brain optimisation centre in Sydney.


She is a regular speaker at conventions, seminars, and podcasts across the world and holds a yearly speaking engagement at the annual Integrative Cancer Convention in Tokyo. 


Oliva brings boundless optimism to all that she does, and is fiercely committed to keeping up to date with the latest in medical research, in order to support her patients on their health journeys. Her niche is in complex, chronic and multifactorial conditions usually assessed in the context of genetics and personal medical and psychological history.

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Discover Bordeaux

Bordeaux and its heritage 

Bordeaux is a city listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The city of Bordeaux is portrayed by its exceptional heritage that dates back from the 18th century, known for its cultural and political fame and of course by the wine that bear its name.

Bordeaux is a city of history, from their avant-garde constructions, statues and fountains,

literature, their reputable culinary cuisine and lifestyle. All of this allows you to discover the city from several angles, between its tradition and modernity.

Bordeaux is full of pleasures that can be discovered by you.

Must see:

The Grand Theatre , National Opera of Bordeaux, the Auditorium

The City of Wine and Place des Quinconces

The Public Garden, a French garden freely inspired by the Le Notre style

The Museum of Bordeaux

Experience shopping in Bordeaux:

Galaries Lafayette  

Les Grands Hommes

The Promenade Sainte Catherine 

10 delicacies you absolutely need to try in Bordeaux:

Retreat Dates

 Friday 8th July 2022- Tuesday 13th July 2022 



- Pre and post retreat, 1:1 sessions with Dr Aileen

             - Testing and feedback on your individualised  psychological blueprint             

 -Individualised comprehensive health assessment and Feedback by Dr Olivia

             -Individualised genetic testing feedback (optional)

             -1:1 50 min session 

- Group seminars with Dr Aileen and Dr Olivia 

- All airport/ hotel transfers

-1 night hotel stay in Bordeaux
- 3 nights accomodation at Chateau Picoron
- daily yoga classes
- daily meals prepared by a private chef

- a chefs table dinner on our farewell evening

- wine tasting experience/ Chateau tour
- a goodie bag of French memorabilia from our sponsors
- a bottle of wine from the vineyard
- a travel concierge to help you with travel/ sightseeing needs



-Friday 8th July - Arrival day and welcoming evening Hotel De Seze             

  (Bordeaux city centre) 

-Welcome drinks and introduction 



-Saturday 9th July - hotel breakfast

-Check out and shuttle to Chateau Picoron (40 min travel time)

-Check in and refreshments, tour of chateau grounds. 

-Welcome lunch

-First seminars with Dr Aileen:

        topic: Emerging from the inside out - setting of intentions and vision                            for the retreat experience

-Wine tasting/tour of the vineyard (optional)



-Yoga (45 mins)


-Facilitated group session. "Tapping into Evolutionary Mechanisms to     

  Biohack Resilience" by Dr Olivia 


-Interactive session with Dr Aileen

-Free time

The options for activities:

        a) cycling around the property

        b) hiking around the property

        c) journaling, quiet time, time to spend by the pool

        d) explore tourist attractions 

        e) massage and spa

        f) 1:1 sessions with Dr Olivia





-Morning workshop by Dr Aileen:

        1. Attachment styles

        2. Relationships and encounters


-Free time

The options for activities:

        a) cycling around the property

        b) hiking around the property

        c) journaling, quiet time, time to spend by the pool

        d) explore tourist attractions 

        e) massage and spa

        f) 1:1 sessions with Dr Olivia

-Offsite chefs table dinner, a four course meal for our last evening 




- Mindfulness session

-Wrap up and farewell

- Lunch

-Departure and transfers to Bordeaux airport or Bordeaux city

Envision Info Soiree

Canapes and beverages provided



Wednesday 27th April


Level 5, 93-95 Queen Street

Melbourne CBD



Tuesday 26th April


Level 7, 70 King Street

Sydney CBD


Monday 9th May


The Northern Club

19 Princes Street, Auckland CBD


RSVP essential by 19th April 2022 

to alexa@mindsetpsychology.com.au

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