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“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks

outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens”

– Carl Jung

Welcome to Envision
A world-class retreat like no other
With expert-led and science based techniques, we strip away the layers of noise with everyday life and let you connect with yourself again. Grounded in psychologically based principles, this is the space for you to have breakthroughs in every aspect of your life. Time and time again, Envision has provided an impactful change for busy professionals and high achievers so they can be the best they can be.

Every Envision Retreat is different, like a character, a season or a personality that
evolves over time, it changes according to the needs of the participants selected for
the collective healing and connection.


This year’s retreat theme is ‘Homecoming’ – the idea of returning to your authentic self that is; safe, strong and a home base that already exists within ourselves. We celebrate the tides turning away from the hustle culture and into appreciation of slowing down – so we can approach life with a regulated nervous system. We know that the biggest achievement is having true inner peace that creates resilience, stability, and passion in our pursuits for meaning and purpose. In a world where there are plenty of distraction and noise, there has never been a better time to feel attuned to yourself and strengthen that body-mind connection.

Exclusively for women, an intimate gathering of just 7 guests designed
to give you the experience that no other retreat can. The program is based on principles of psychology, science, behavioral practices and interpersonal processes that are facilitated by qualified professionals to deliver an impactful change in your wellbeing.

Participants can expect to an increased awareness in their blind spots, limiting beliefs and subconscious processes that get in the way of their potential. Furthermore, the supportive nature of having a healing container allows for group dynamics – popularized by Irvin Yalom who refers to the principle of universality to play out, which when done correctly, the group dynamics become part of the process
of one’s growth and learning. This allows for real time feedback about factors that create a unique perspective for an individual.

The insight that one can get from group processes adds depth and richness to one’s identity that can be very transformative. Participants can also expect to be stronger in their body after somatic based approaches to integrate the learnings back into the real world.


Experience mindful living

There is a deeply felt relationship between the external and internal environments, the lines are blurred between the architecturally designed minimalist structure and Earths elements.

Overall wellness is at the forefront of Zensi Villa’s intent. It is the place to unwind and reconnect with the peace that comes when we allow ourselves to slow down. 
Relish in the opulence whilst you sink into the plunge spa and allow regular life to get swept away by the spacious countryside. Connect around the firepit or bask in the morning views with a tea in hand.

“The world is not here to make you happy, it is here to make you conscious” –Eckhart Tolle

About Dr. Aileen Alegado

I’m the director and primary clinician at Mindset Consulting Psychology, where I specialize working as a Schema, CBT and ACT therapist. I am a trained Neuropsychologist and have a strong interest in Interpersonal Neurobiology, Relational Neuroscience and Modern Attachment for adults. My experience as a clinical psychologist for over 15 years spans across Australia & New Zealand in the public health and private sectors. The diversity of work and projects I've been involved in included both clinical work in private practice but also to corporate markets ie. working in Employee Assistance Programmes, Executive coaching, facilitation of wellness seminars in the workplace. 

Launching the ENVISION retreats is one of my proudest achievements in my career to date. Not only do I get to do the things I love, which is helping people and seeing transformative change, I also love the experience of travel, getting outside in nature and the creativity it brings working outside of the confines of an office. It was designed to condense what would take 10-12 weeks of work in the therapy into days, all the while feeling like you are on a luxury holiday. The retreat provides you with the skills needed to tackle stressors of everyday life, as well as identifying blind spots that could be holding you back. In my work, I have great people doing amazing things but somehow struggle in areas or relationships, balance and burn out. People who seem to have ‘it all together’ but there is an internal conflict that keeps looping back in the background. 

“How much longer are you prepared to be ok with this?” is a question I often ask. The truth is – I was driven to become a psychologist because I used to be one of those high achievers that constantly struggled to find the balance between doing well in my career and being happy and healthy in my personal life. 

I love seeing my clients develop great insights and help them translate that into reality. Making big changes are definitely challenging but with the right guidance you will know which direction you’re heading in and breaking down the steps for you on how to get there. Don’t miss out on the shifts you could be having by taking the leap of doing something once in a lifetime. Taking action can be a long drawn out process, what if there was a way to make the process faster?  

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Nadav Khan 
Meditation, Mantra +
Sound healing

Nadav Kahn is an award-winning singer/songwriter, meditation & mantra teacher. He has released 12 records to date and has worked on many musical collaborations with artists from Maroon 5, Empire of the Sun, Gomez, as well as co-writing tracks for Steve Aoki, Aminé and Lior. Since 2005, Nadav has spent much time in India studying the spiritual and scientific properties of Vedic chants and mantra. 

He is inspired by the transformative power of music and the ancient science of sonic vibration, meditation and yoga as paths to self-discovery.  Nadav, a renowned sound healer, created impactful mantra meditations during the 2020 lockdown. His acclaimed course 'Mantra as Medicine: 10 Mantras To Transform Your Life' on Insight Timer highlights his expertise. With a focus on science-based techniques, Nadav facilitates sessions using sound and meditation to enhance mental health, team dynamics, and overall well-being, uniting individuals and groups in their journey towards inner peace and fulfillment

NJ Lim 
Luxury Bespoke Chef

NJ’s extensive experience and dedication to her work has allowed her to build a growing reputation as a highly talented, versatile, and professional chef specialising in VIP catering. NJ has been selected as the bespoke chef for luxury super yachts chartered by high profile celebrities, officials, and corporate clientele. This has given NJ extensive exposure and experience in catering for a wide range of high profile clients, allowing her to constantly innovate and upgrade her creations.

NJ Lim is a familiar name in the catering industry, retreats and social media. Well known for her reputation as a skilled and passionate chef specializing in catering for high-end events. She has experience catering for a range of major international events, along with countless large scale corporate events.

Karren Ogg 
Massage Therapist,
Yoga Practitioner

Karren brings a wealth of experience to Envision Wellness Retreat, having owned her own Yoga studio and provided massage therapy to business professionals, high-profile organizations, and elite sporting teams in the NBA, NRL, and National organizations to achieve peak performance and conditioning. With over 20 years of experience in yoga practice and sports massage therapy, she offers sessions to reset both body and mind. 

Karren has built a reputation for being the best in the game. Whether you are looking to enhance performance, rehabilitating from an injury, or looking to prevent one from occurring, Karren does more than simply knead and rub – Karren provides thorough treatments that ease the muscles and the mind. We're truly grateful to have her on the team.

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